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Content Curation

“We need more articles, case studies, blogs…” is the frequent cry of the field marketing or sales teams.  But getting this material created isn’t easy.  Finding external resources qualified to write about your technology solutions has proved impossible in the past and you can’t squeeze any more hours out of the internal product guys.  Let us support you:  With our varied technology expertise we are highly qualified to interview the product guys to get a good understanding of your technology and the benefits it will deliver, we will work with your team on the objectives for the content – we can be trusted to create compelling content for your review and approval, all within agreed timescales. 


Putting on events whether they are online or physical is often a drain on your team’s resources. Unless you have the luxury of a dedicated team you will understand the pressure of delivering a successful event on top of your day job.  Be it webinars, seminars, customer days or bigger challenges such as exhibitions - small or big - let us take the strain. We can support you, whether that’s planning and organising the whole event or just providing you with specific items to contribute to your successful event.

Campaign Management

Monthly customer or prospect communication will keep your leads warm and support the activities of your sales team. From 'send and speak' campaigns to customer newsletters & updates, these activities will generate leads and keep prospects warm until they are ready to be inspired by your solutions. Whether you need support to create content for these campaigns or someone to manage them from start to finish, we can help. Cleaning and prepping data, setting up the mail system, managing the follow up, creating the content, communicating results to the internal team. We will support part or all of your activity and can do this on a scheduled or one off basis.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Blogging, Social media

Do you have a love/hate relationship with social media?  Love the immediacy, love the connection, love the engagement but get stressed by constantly having to be so frequently creative?  Let us take the stress out of the process, we will create blog posts, tweets & general social media posts for your approval, then schedule & release to your timeline, leaving you to take the credit & the likes!

Videos and Animation

Let us help you create compelling videos and animations to bring your website to life and deliver a clear and concise message to your customers. Whether you want to feature your CEO or a loyal customer or develop an animator-explainer to lay out your solution benefits for your customers we can work with our partners to design, develop and deliver your videos.

Sales Material

Whether you need a new datasheet, corporate brochure or sales presentations Xcelerate can help.  We will create design and develop the content for your sales material.  With our background in technology we will quickly understand your technology and the benefits that it will bring to you customers.  We will help you to sharpen your message, focus on the key elements and communicate them eloquently to your potential customers.

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