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Eden Smith Recruitment Consultants


Eden Smith is one of the most innovative staffing and consultancy businesses in the world of data.  They needed help communicating the CEO's brilliant vision in a way that engaged with all their stakeholders Corporate companies, Data-centric solution partners and highly technical and qualified technical data specialists. It won't be completed overnight, but the messaging is developing well and starting to explain the vision clearly. here here here

Exec here

Vanity Project!

In her free time our CEO is  a scuba diving instructor and in conjunction with a local dive centre she is leading a trip to Mexico next year.  It's going to be amazing!  Instead of the traditional regular newsletters to inform her fellow travellers all about the trip she decided to create a website to host all the information they would need in preparation for their trip.  It continues to evolve over time but it's a self indulgent fun way to keep everyone informed. Check it out here

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