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Why Blog?

When the discussion comes round to blogging, people reel off a multitude of reasons why you should be blogging, yet most small businesses struggle to get stuck in and embrace the blog! Some are nervous to put their opinions out there others cite the pressure of day-to-day business – whatever is holding you back it can be valuable to your business to just get stuck right in. Working with our clients we find there are 3 key benefits that blogging can bring to your business:

  • Establish your credibility and authority

  • Engage with your target audience

  • Generate opportunities

Establishing credibility

By commenting on the opportunities and issues faced by businesses in your market sectors you can provide potential clients with valuable information helping them understand how to exploit market opportunities. Despite your fears you will have extremely valuable sector insight that has been gathered over many years and by sharing this insight it builds your credibility and authority in the market. As a blog is self-generated you have the added bonus of being able to subtly position the benefits of your offering.

Engage with your target audience

Well prepared and thought out pieces help your business to engage with your target audience before you have direct contact. Social media sharing, email campaigns and industry commenting will enable you to get to your target audience. Regular posts will build an ongoing engagement and build a rapport with your target audience ensuring your business stays front of mind.

Generate opportunities & revenue

The result of increased market credibility and a wider engaged audience will be increased opportunity. By engaging in regular strategic blogging you will discover new opportunities as businesses reach out to those with market authority when they are looking for suppliers and partners. You will be delighted that you did decide to get stuck in as you win contracts from new customers. And, if you really don’t have the resources to regularly produce engaging and insightful material yourself, then partner with a company that can support you to do so and reap the benefits.

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