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Think you should blog?

When trying to persuade companies to do more blogging we often hear concerns that business leaders don’t know what to blog about or how to go about it. Of course you can talk about your products and services or recent wins but these aren’t always gripping for the reader.

A far more interesting approach is to keep a daily eye on what’s happening in your industry sector and be ready to seize the moment and get stuck in and comment! Importantly you shouldn’t agonize for days - the moment will have passed. Always have prepared a clear set of values, benefits and messages about your company, product and services so you can weave one or two aspects into your blog and this will help you avoid over thinking your responses.

You can pre-plan a series of interesting points you want to share with the market and create a short engaging multi-part series. Discussing market sector advances or R&D and how they can impact your customers, done well, can be very engaging and keep your readers looking for more.

When writing, choose whether you want to be controversial or positive or just add to the debate - as long as you are commenting from a position of direct knowledge and can add value, then go for it. Avoid major sales pitches, be clear and concise and deliver some valuable insight, opinion or knowledge.

Be original! Re-tweeting, liking, re-posting other people’s original content marks you as being part of your sector but it doesn’t set you apart as a business that is driving the market. Be interesting! don’t just point someone in the direction of a product pitch. Blogging regularly will also keep followers interested in your business.

Finally don’t forget to close your comment or blog by neatly bringing the topic back to your credentials and a call to action. Still struggling to dip your toe in the water? - Engage a company that you can work closely with to do it all for you.

Happy Blogging!

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