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Playing Blind with Customer Engagement cont...

Your ultimate goal is to delight your customers with exemplary service and personalise the booking journey wherever possible. You’ve implemented chat, you have a well trained call center team and for a small percentage of customers you have improved conversion and impressed them with your service.  Yet you can’t persuade all those in need of assistance to engage, nor are you attracting your true targets to call or chat – what’s going wrong?


The problem is that you’re playing blind – you pop out the chatbox or call center number randomly, perhaps based on what you feel are important triggers such as time spent on your site or pages viewed. Unfortunately for travel customers neither of these activities are good proxy for engaged customers.


Travel can offer some unique challenges:

  • Bookings are high value, low volume

  • Past activity is not a predictor of future behaviour

  • People don’t book just for themselves


Realtime analysis of travel website users shows that if you introduce a callcentre popout or chatbox at the wrong moment it irritates rather than engages customers.  In fact, ask your friends – this data analysis is borne out anecdotally.


Solving these challenges is not so difficult if you work with partners to follow some simple steps. At xxxxxxx we can use technology to enable you to profile each of your anonymous website visitors and using our machine learning & AI we can then predict booking phases, likely spend and issues experienced. By understanding their booking phases we will give you actionable insight on when to target potential customers with your chat and callcenter resources, increasing efficiency within the chat/callcenter teams while driving revenue and conversions up. Check out our latest article on booking phases and how to react to drive up revenue.


Anonymised customer results:


Random popouts callcenter conversion – 0.38%

Targeted popouts callcenter conversion- 0.63%

Targeted popouts in booking phase conversion – 1.32%

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